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When do you need our services?
Immediately, a loved one has passed
Soon, a loved one is about to pass
I'm planning for the future
Which county is your loved one currently in?
Where is your loved one currently located?
Nursing Home
Private Residence
Coroner's Office
Another Funeral Home
Does your loved one have an implanted medical device like a pacemaker or defibrillator?
I Don't Know
How much does your loved one weigh?
0-299 lbs
300-500 lbs
Direct cremation normally takes 1-2 weeks. After paperwork has been received, do you want to cut in line?
Yes  ($200.00)
No Thank You
Since cremation destroys DNA, would you like a personalized DNA ancestry report for your loved one?
Yes  ($300.00)
No Thank You
Tell me more about your DNA service
What type of cremation would you prefer?
Fire Based  (Included)
Water Based  (+$1000)
What is the difference?
After the cremation, would you like us to:
Pick up the ashes at a contracted office
in Auburn or Tacoma  (Included)
Provide an unattended scattering at sea  (Included)
Ship the ashes within the U.S.  ($125.00)
Hand deliver the ashes within 75 miles  ($225.00)
Ship the ashes in 40-60 solidified Parting Stones  ($1695.00)
Please Choose an Urn
Basic Plastic Urn
Basic Plastic Urn
Deluxe Wood Urn
Deluxe Wood Urn
+ $100
Premium Metal Urn
Premium Metal Urn
+ $200
Would you like help writing an obituary?

Obituaries are no less important for families who choose cremation. ObitWriter is a user-friendly, AI-powered online tool that lets you create a heartfelt obituary, ensuring your loved one's story is celebrated and shared with others.

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Who are these arrangements for?
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Who is making these arrangements?
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Seattle Cremation Services

Cremation Society of Washington provides a dignified, respectful and personal option for families seeking the right send-off for their beloved.

We offer end-to-end care, from initial consultations to legal formalities, pickup and post-cremation arrangements. We understand the emotional burden that comes with grieving and saying goodbye. That’s why we treat everyone who comes through our doors as a cherished family member. With empathy, kindness and compassion, we make the process as easy as possible.

Our modern crematorium and expert staff are dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards, ensuring that we honor every individual.

At the Cremation Society of Washington, we believe that the last memory of our loved ones should bring us solace, knowing that they received a dignified farewell. We pride ourselves on giving that final goodbye to your cherished loved one.

We understand the feeling of losing a loved one, and we’re here to offer support to guide you through it. We’re committed to providing families with professional cremation services in Seattle that treat everyone with the highest respect and consideration.

We understand that cremation prices in Seattle are a concern for many families, so we offer transparent pricing and options to fit any budget. Everyone in the region should have the right to the finest cremation services in Seattle available.

Easy Online Arrangements

At the Cremation Society of Washington, we understand the importance of arranging a cremation in Seattle as easy and stress-free as possible. We offer easy online arrangements available from the comfort of your own home. We’re here to answer any questions regarding cremation costs and options.

remation Society of Washington understands that cremation is a personal choice and that choosing the right service provider is essential. We offer simple cremation for families.

We’re experts in offering cremation services in Seattle, giving your beloved departed family member the dignified farewell they deserve. Our professionals provide professional and respectful service to everyone living in Seattle and its neighboring towns.

Fire-Based Cremation

Cremation Society of Washington offers fire-based cremation services for those seeking a dignified and respectful end-of-life option. Our facilities ensure the process is completed with the utmost care and efficiency. A fire-based cremation is a good option for those looking for a final farewell that is personal and cost-friendly. Our staff provides a comforting and professional experience during this difficult time.v

Water-Based Cremation

Our cremation services include water-based cremation, which uses alkaline hydrolysis instead of flames. The body is placed in a chamber containing water and potassium hydroxide, accelerating the natural decomposition process. The result is the same as with fire-based cremation, with only the bones remaining, but without the emission of greenhouse gasses that fire-based cremation produces. This eco-friendly alternative has become popular and is approved by most states, including Washington. At the Cremation Society of Washington, we’re proud to offer this innovative and sustainable option to our clients.

Step One — Contact Us For More Information

At the Cremation Society of Washington, we understand deciding on cremation can be difficult. Contact us for guidance through the cremation planning process. We’ll help ensure the process is as easy for you as possible and that your loved one is treated with dignity and compassion. We offer simple direct cremation and unattended scattering. We’re dedicated to helping the bereaved in Seattle during difficult times, so don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.

Step Two — Complete the Necessary Documents

After you’ve decided on a cremation service with us, the next step is to fill out the relevant paperwork. These documents are required by law to obtain permits and facilitate the cremation process. At Cremation Society of Washington, we make the process easy and convenient for you by providing online forms and assistance in completing them. The required documents typically include a vital statistics form, an authorization for cremation form, a verification of identity form, and a statement of goods and services. Our caring staff is here to answer your concerns and help you complete the forms.

Step Three — Register Your Cremation Preplans

Preplanning your cremation ensures your wishes are respected and alleviates the burden on your loved ones during an emotional time. We offer preplanning options so you can register your cremation arrangements ahead of time. You’ll be able to select your cremation with the options you want and select an urn and what will happen to it once the cremation is complete. Our preplanning services also offer affordable payment plans to ensure your cremation expenses are settled in advance so your loved ones can grieve without disturbance. Let us assist you in registering your cremation preplans to provide peace of mind.

Step Four — We’ll Be Here When You Need Us

Losing a loved one is a challenging experience. That’s why we’re always available to answer your questions, provide guidance and offer compassion during this time. Whether you need immediate assistance or have general questions, our caring staff is here to help. We prioritize transparency and will ensure you understand the cremation process so you can make informed decisions that honor your loved one. We’ll be here for you, providing care and attention to detail along the way.

At Cremation Society of Washington, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and compassionate care. Contact us today to learn more about our cremation services in Seattle.