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I'm planning for the future
Which county is your loved one currently in?
Where is your loved one currently located?
Nursing Home
Private Residence
Coroner's Office
Another Funeral Home
Does your loved one have an implanted medical device like a pacemaker or defibrillator?
I Don't Know
How much does your loved one weigh?
0-299 lbs
300-500 lbs
Direct cremation normally takes 1-2 weeks. After paperwork has been received, do you want to cut in line?
Yes  ($200.00)
No Thank You
Since cremation destroys DNA, would you like a personalized DNA ancestry report for your loved one?
Yes  ($300.00)
No Thank You
Tell me more about your DNA service
What type of cremation would you prefer?
Fire Based  (Included)
Water Based  (+$1000)
What is the difference?
After the cremation, would you like us to:
Pick up the ashes at a contracted office
in Auburn or Tacoma  (Included)
Provide an unattended scattering at sea  (Included)
Ship the ashes within the U.S.  ($125.00)
Hand deliver the ashes within 75 miles  ($225.00)
Ship the ashes in 40-60 solidified Parting Stones  ($995.00)
Please Choose an Urn
Basic Plastic Urn
Basic Plastic Urn
Deluxe Wood Urn
Deluxe Wood Urn
+ $100
Premium Metal Urn
Premium Metal Urn
+ $200
Who are these arrangements for?
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Who is making these arrangements?
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The Cremation Society of Washington helps families and dear friends make arrangements for loved ones who may pass soon and carry out pre-planned cremations for forward-thinking customers. Read on to learn more about our cremation services in Federal Way, WA.

Our cremation services start at $650. 


We Offer Quality Cremation Services in Federal Way, WA

We are an independent business unburdened by the common constraints of a national franchise. We have our own crematory facility and provide complete services, from filing permits and arranging transportation of the remains to providing a selection of premium urns for the ashes.

We offer two types of cremation procedures:

If you’re interested in a cremation service and have questions about the process, call or inquire via email. We’ll be happy to provide information and assist in your planning.

Talk to Our Advance Planners

The Benefits of Cremation Services

For years, people bury the remains of their loved ones in a cemetery where they can later visit and recall their fond memories of the deceased. Arranging a traditional burial, however, takes a lot of time and resources. It requires purchasing land in a cemetery and a coffin and paying for services like embalming, the use of a funeral parlor, and transportation. 

Cremation has a similar process, but the details are easier to arrange. The services are also more affordable, mainly because the interment of ashes is more flexible. 

You can install the urn in a memorial park or a columbarium nearer to where you live in the city. You may even keep the ashes in a private property or your home. If you choose the latter, you can save on burial and interment costs and take your loved one’s ashes wherever you go. 

With cremation, there is no need for a viewing of the remains. You can have a more intimate and private gathering with family and friends instead, which is more affordable to arrange. Moreover, you won’t need transportation services after the cremation or the memorial service to take the urn home or your chosen columbarium.

The standard urn for an adult measures 200 cubic inches (one cubic inch per pound of weight), according to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA). Jars around ten inches high and seven inches in diameter are perfect as urns – light, compact, and easy to carry around. You can also keep a pinch of your beloved’s ashes in a locket as jewelry. A physical remembrance of someone you love may offer you a sense of comfort.

What To Expect From the Cremation Society of Washington

Here’s what we offer to every customer:

The Cremation Society of Washington has helped hundreds of families as they part with their loved ones. Our kind and compassionate staff will provide the same services and comfort when you need them.

Inquire about our cremation services in Federal Way, WA, today.

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Planning a Cremation

We make it easy for everyone to plan for a hassle-free cremation. 

Step 1: Consultation – Our Advance Planners will work with you to come up with a customized cremation plan. 

Step 2: Submission of Requirements – Our team will prepare the necessary documents and present them to you for review and sign. 

Step 3: Registration – Our Funeral Director will do a final review of your cremation plan. Once approved, we will file your plan and send you a membership card.

Step 4: Cremation – With just one call, our team will carry out the terms of your cremation plan.

What To Do When a Death Has Occurred

If you are a surviving relative or friend of a person who has pre-planned a cremation with us, you only need to call our toll-free number, and our team will take care of everything. 

The Cremation Society of Washington is considerate and compassionate in their approach and will have all the details covered. If something comes up that will require your input, we will inform you right away to prevent delays in the cremation process. 

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