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How Much Does Cremation Cost? The 5 Best Options for Cremation

cremation cost

It’s not something you ever want to have to think about but is something many of us will be faced with at some point in our lives – the death of a loved one. Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, but unfortunately, it is a part of life.

After dealing with the tough loss of someone you love, there may be a lot of pressure on you to organize a funeral and figure out how exactly you want to deal with the burial. Traditionally, embalming and casket burial is a popular option but what may be a more cost-efficient and sentimental option is cremation.

The cremation process is a great way to honor your deceased loved one’s body while also using a cost-effective method to lessen the expenses for the surviving family.

The Cost of Cremation

On average the cost of cremation will run anywhere from about $1,000 to $3,000 but could go as high as $3,700 in some areas of the world. The cremation cost will depend largely on your location, and the type of cremation process that you choose to go with, which we’ll dive deeper into later in this post.

What You Need To Know

The cremation process is an important option to consider when researching different funeral services. Deciding to cremate your loved one may seem like a tough thing to consider but is a suitable option for many reasons. There are a few different options to consider with the cremation process, outlined below are the top 5 most important.

1. Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is when the family of the loved one decides to get the body cremated without any additional funeral services or viewing options. This is an appropriate choice if your loved one wished to be cremated without additional expenses or wanted to be at rest in a private setting, only accessible by his/her close family members.

2. Cremation with a Graveside Service

Cremation with a graveside service is the more common option. This is quite clearly stated, but to reiterate, it is when you decide to cremate your loved one but also have a graveside ceremony for family and friends to say goodbye. This is probably the most popular option as most families want to hold a service in commemoration of their loved one, even if they do decide to cremate the deceased’s remains.

3. Ash Scattering Service

Another popular option for cremation services is to have an ash scattering service as well. The ash scattering service is exactly as it sounds; after the cremation of your loved one, you then have a service to bring family and friends together to help scatter their ashes in any location of your choosing.

4. Cremation Types: Fire-Based Cremation

Another important fact to know about cremation is that there are two different ways to cremate the body. One way, and probably the most common method of cremation, is fire-based cremation. Fire-based cremation is a cremation method that uses flames to conduct the cremation process within the cremator.

5. Water-Based Cremation

Water-based cremation is a method of cremation that uses a combination of water, alkaline chemicals, pressure and heat agitation to speed up the body’s natural decomposition. Although it is a much more energy-efficient method of cremation, it is still much less common, as it is only available in 21 states currently.

Benefits of Cremation

Cremation has many different benefits that traditional body burials don’t have. One benefit is that it is much more cost-efficient. Cremation cost tends to be just a third of the cost of what a traditional burial with a casket and embalming would be. Saving the surviving family of the loved one’s money, but also taking the stress out of choosing a casket and going through the embalming process.

Cremation is also a good way to put your loved one to rest without the hassle of a funeral, especially if it is to honor and respect the wishes of your loved one. Some people feel that a busy funeral only takes away from the mourning of a loved one that has passed, and cremation can be a great way to avoid just that.

Disadvantages of Cremation

Although cremation seems to be the best option for handling your loved one’s remains after death, there are some disadvantages that every family must consider. One of which is that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of turning their loved one’s body into ashes. It’s a perfectly humane way to deal with death, but not everyone feels completely comfortable with it.

Another disadvantage of cremation is that the body is not recognizable. Some cultures rely on the body to be recognizable in order to say goodbye and would never want to reduce the body down to just ashes.

How Cremation Society of Washington Can Help You

When making the tough decision to cremate your loved ones remains, you need to find someone that can fulfill your cremation services with ease. You want to feel comfortable with the cremation process while also feeling in control of your loved one’s method of being put to rest.

The Cremation Society of Washington brings quality service and comfort to your family while handling the cremation of your loved one. The professionals working at The Cremation Society of Washington will be sure to transport your loved one’s body from the place of death into their care so that you don’t have to worry about it. The funeral director is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and always ready to take your call for any questions or concerns you may have regarding the cremation services.

Cast your care on someone else during the difficult time of death, and let The Cremation Society of Washington take care of all your cremation needs. You don’t have to deal with this alone! Visit The Cremation Society of Washington’s website for more information regarding cremation services and the next steps you need to take after choosing cremation.