Cremation Code of Ethics

The Deceased and Identification

Cremation Society of Washington handles all tasks associated with the remains of the deceased beginning with the transfer of the remains from the location of death until the cremated remains are returned to the Authorized Agent or their assignee. We adhere to the highest standards and pledge that the remains will be handled in a dignified manner which includes:

Dignity & Respect: Before the cremation, the remains of the deceased will be clothed and covered at all times and the cremated remains will be handled with the utmost respect and dignity.

Identification System: We promise to accurately identify the remains of the deceased throughout the cremation process.

Preparation for the Cremation: Before the cremation takes place, the remains of the deceased will be properly handled using the highest mortuary standards and methods set forth by relevant government agency policies, regulations, rules, and laws.

Personal Possessions: We promise to place all removed personal possessions such as jewelry, etc, in the care of the Authorizing Agent.

Foreign Material: Foreign material that is non bone fragment that was part of the deceased before cremation will be removed prior to processing. Examples of such materials include internal prostheses. These will be mingled with other similar material and disposed of in a dignified manner according to any applicable laws.

Consumer Expectations & Rights

Cremation consumers will be afforded the express courtesies and considerations wherever applicable:

Good Faith: Every interaction will be executed with complete professionalism, dignity, and respect according to applicable laws.

Complete disclosure: An explanation will be written and presented to the relevant parties concerning the cremation process which is inclusive of any restrictions such as metal caskets that will be provided to the Authorizing Agent. Any documents that are required by law including any authorization will be provided and copies will be given to Authorizing Agents for their retention.

Cremation timing: Before the cremation, the approximate time of the entire cremation process will be stated in writing and fully acknowledged by the Authorizing Agent.

Release of the remains: After the remains have been cremated they will be mailed, delivered, or disposed of in a manner that is dignified and in accordance with any laws with the written consent of the Authorizing Agent.

The Crematory

Our operational standards are at the highest levels and adhere to the following:

Certified Operators: Each cremation is carried out under the careful auspices of an operator who has been certified by CANA, ICCFA or another relevant authority.

Individual Cremation: Cremations are always performed separately unless there has been a specific request by the Authorizing Agent with differing instructions. Such situations may include the death of a parent and child. The crematory reserves the right to decline or grant special requests made by the Authorizing Agent.

Record Keeping: Logs, records, and documentation are always maintained in a clear and accurate method.

Cleanliness: The crematory will always be kept in a clean manner and will be fully prepared and ready for an inspection at all times.

Recovering Cremated Remains: Following each cremation, the cremated remains will be retrieved via manual means such as brushing or through mechanical methods such as vacuuming.

Disposing of Cremated Remains: After the cremated remains have been recovered, 100% of the cremated remains will be prepared to be disposed of in a manner consistent with the wishes of the Authorized Agent.

Pets and Animals: The crematory does not cremate animals and pets in the same chamber that is used to cremate human remains.

Applicable Law: The crematory and any assigned personnel will adhere to all regulations, rules, and laws that are applicable to the cremation process.

Crematory Personnel: The crematory will employ personnel of integrity to work within and operate the crematory. They will adhere to the highest standards when interacting with the public, handling and delivering cremated remains, and maintaining records.

Training and Education: The crematory promises to provide basic, initial training for its staff and continuing certification and education.

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