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When do you need our services?
Immediately, a loved one has passed
Soon, a loved one is about to pass
I'm planning for the future
Which county is your loved one currently in?
Where is your loved one currently located?
Nursing Home
Private Residence
Coroner's Office
Another Funeral Home
Does your loved one have an implanted medical device like a pacemaker or defibrillator?
I Don't Know
How much does your loved one weigh?
0-299 lbs
300-500 lbs
Direct cremation normally takes 1-2 weeks. After paperwork has been received, do you want to cut in line?
Yes  ($200.00)
No Thank You
Since cremation destroys DNA, would you like a personalized DNA ancestry report for your loved one?
Yes  ($300.00)
No Thank You
Tell me more about your DNA service
What type of cremation would you prefer?
Fire Based  (Included)
Water Based  (+$1000)
What is the difference?
After the cremation, would you like us to:
Pick up the ashes at a contracted office
in Auburn or Tacoma  (Included)
Provide an unattended scattering at sea  (Included)
Ship the ashes within the U.S.  ($125.00)
Hand deliver the ashes within 75 miles  ($225.00)
Ship the ashes in 40-60 solidified Parting Stones  ($1695.00)
Please Choose an Urn
Basic Plastic Urn
Basic Plastic Urn
Deluxe Wood Urn
Deluxe Wood Urn
+ $100
Premium Metal Urn
Premium Metal Urn
+ $200
Would you like help writing an obituary?

Obituaries are no less important for families who choose cremation. ObitWriter is a user-friendly, AI-powered online tool that lets you create a heartfelt obituary, ensuring your loved one's story is celebrated and shared with others.

No, thank you
Who are these arrangements for?
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Who is making these arrangements?
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Our History

Cremation Society of Washington was founded in 2012. Our founders are both licensed funeral directors who realized a growing majority of Washington State families were choosing direct cremation. They embarked on creating a robust website to handle the necessary steps to arrange a cremation and have been improving on it ever since. Given nearly 70% of cremation providers only sell the cremation but don’t actually perform it, in 2017 our founders made a significant investment in two crematory units.

Since that time, Cremation Society of Washington has grown to serve ten counties in Western Washington State. We’ve become a leading provider of simple direct cremation services and have served thousands of families.  Our families tell us that our control over the cremation process for your loved one from start to finish and our low price have made working with us an easy decision.

Our funeral director team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, at no extra charge, to help families at the time of death. We will respond and provide transportation of your loved one from the place of death into our care from (home residence, hospital, nursing home, coroner/medical examiner) or another funeral home.

Meet Our Staff

Our staff of compassionate and caring professionals are focused on making a difficult time for you and your family easier. By allowing us to pull all the details together, you can focus on what is important – you and your family.

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Corey Gaffney

President & Co-Founder

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Jennifer Gaffney

Vice President & Co-Founder

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Tim Grant

Vice President of Operations

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Steve Speir

Planning Representative

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Nick Fisher

Crematory Manager

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Christian Groves
Certified Crematory Operator
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Rhonda Goudie

Certified Crematory Operator

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Cynthia Nicholas

Administrative Assistant